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smstudy at ARANET ACADEMYThe SMstudy® Guide (also referred to the Sales and Marketing Body of Knowledge - SMBOK® Guide) provides a comprehensive framework for companies globally to plan and execute their Sales and Marketing activities

SMstudy–the Global Accreditation body for Sales and Marketing, has authored the SMstudy® Guide (also referred to as the Sales and Marketing Body of Knowledge or SMBOK® Guide), which is a series of books that provides guidelines for the Sales and Marketing of products and services in any organization. The forty-five authors, advisors, and reviewers of this series of books have worked in multiple marketing environments and geographic regions across an eclectic variety of industries.

The SMstudy® Guide offers a comprehensive framework that can be used to effectively manage Sales and Marketing efforts in any organization. The objective of the SMstudy® Guide is to provide a practical and process-oriented approach to Sales and Marketing. It emphasizes how various elements of Sales and Marketing can be integrated to develop a comprehensive and effective organizational plan.

The concepts in the SMstudy® Guide can be applied effectively to any company in any industry. From small companies with only a few employees to large, complex organizations with numerous business units, multiple product lines, and thousands of employees across many countries.

The SMstudy® Guide describes six Aspects of Sales and Marketing. These are aligned to the six most common and often distinct career ­elds related to Sales and Marketing. The Six Aspects included in the SMstudy® Guide are the following.

  1. Marketing Strategy,
  2. Digital Marketing,
  3. Corporate Sales,
  4. Marketing Research,
  5. Branding and
  6. Advertising and Retail Marketing.

Together, these six Aspects cover any topic under Sales and Marketing and form the most comprehensive guide for the topic.

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If you have any question about SMstudy (Sales and Marketing Study) training, feel free to contact ARANET ACADEMY Support.





If you have any question about Sales and Marketing Study training, feel free to contact ARANET ACADEMY Support.